Non Slip Luminious Stair Nosings

Glow in the Dark ensures safe evacuation in case of emergency
  Glows up to 12 hours
  EXELENT Slip resistance in wet and harsh conditions
  Strong , Durable ,Fail Safe & Reliable
  Long lasting

Any size are made to customer specifications

Mining – Commercial – Industrial

ANTI-SLIP Solutions

Any size are made to customer specifications

Fiberglass Stair Nosing

Ladder Rung Covers

Deliver Firm-Footed Traction From Top to Bottom

Significantly enhance safety in one of the most dangerous spaces: the slick, small foot surface area present on ladder rungs. Safeguard’s two styles of anti-slip ladder rung covers fit easily over the rung, demonstrating complete, long-lasting performance in the world’s toughest indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Channel shaped and half-round styles
  • FRP (fiberglass) and galvanized or stainless steel base
  • Adhesive, mechanical, or welded installation
  • Retrofit in the field, or specify as an OEM enhancement