Reliable emergency lighting that is fail-safe and free.

This simple and ingenious emergency safety lighting system instantly

provides low level emergency lighting whenever needed. 

A totally new and unique emergency lighting solution providing 100%

Luminous Light Plates are a fail-safe Lighting source.

Install Luminous Light Plates in all building egress and exit routes,

use them to cover all fluorescent tubes, used in overhead fixtures, illuminating lighting stairwells,

fire escapes, hallways, exits, elevators and car parking areas.

Luminous Light Plates should be installed on 10% to 20% of all fixtures throughout your building so during a

power failure the buildings occupants are never left in the dark or subjected to dangerous black-out situations.

Luminous Light Plates provide a guaranteed fail-safe evacuation system that does not rely on your main

power source or batteries, they work every time and require no testing or maintenance.

If your lights have been on at all, the Luminous Light Plates are charged for a minimum of

8 hours of passive, power free, fail-safe illumination.

* Low initial cost
* No ongoing costs
* No batteries needed
* No mains power source needed
* No wiring needed
* No alterations to your existing fittings
* No tools needed
* No switches needed
* No internal parts
* Automatic and instant activation
* Reduced power bills
* Increased security
* Increased safety
* Environmentally friendly
* 100% reliable
* Non-toxic
* Sites kept illuminated under all conditions
* Quick and easy to install
* Last for up to 20 years